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WUSA9 talks to founder Lindsay Gill about the ongoing formula shortage.

Lindsay Gill, the Founder of the Napkin Network, spoke to WUSA9 about the increasing stress put on families as the USA faces an increasing shortage of baby formula.


WASHINGTON — Some families across the D.C. region are struggling to find baby formula amid a national shortage that has left retailers struggling to keep it on the shelves and parents desperate to get ahold of it.

The shortage started in February after a recall of certain baby formula brands. Datasembly, a retail data website based in Tysons, Virginia said over the last two weeks the percentage of baby formulas that are out of stock jumped from 30% to 40%. In D.C. 34% of the formula is currently out of stock, according to Datasembly.

The Napkin Network, a D.C.-area nonprofit of moms helping moms in need has stepped up to try and connect parents who are able to donate unused and unneeded formula with parents who desperately need it.

The local organization started as a way to get diapers, formula, wipes, and other necessities for moms who couldn't afford them, but the last two to three months have turned into a mission to help moms find and secure baby formula.

"As a mom, there’s no greater fear than you won’t be able to take care of your child," Lindsay Gill, the Founder of the Napkin Network said.

"You can’t get around feeding your child. And what we’re seeing also is parents are starting to maybe water down their formula or do things that are unhealthy and could potentially be deadly if they do it incorrectly. So we really need to be aware this could be a crisis if we don’t address it at a local and even a national level with our administration," Gill said.'



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