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Hi, I'm Lindsay

I am a Mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and an overall softie at heart. I am blessed with three kids who have opened my eyes to the tremendous joy children bring to our lives. Unfortunately, children are expensive and not everyone is in the same position to provide for their children. We may all be in the same storm of "motherhood" but not the same boat. We all weather this journey with different access to support, and I believe it is important to help where we can so no child suffers. 

Headquartered in Washington, D.C, The Napkin Network was created to bridge the gap between moms in need and moms who want to help. Thanks to the power of social media and our virtual world, we can help Moms across the country. The Napkin Network is here to assist in this messy, wonderful, challenging, and necessary journey known best as "motherhood." I am so glad you have joined us. 

- Lindsay Gill, Founder of The Napkin Network


Our Team

Our Team

Who We Partner With

The Napkin Network provides diapers and other essential baby items to diaper banks and pregnancy centers in the DC Metro area that help families in need through comprehensive programs and services. We also provide items to individuals who request support directly through our website and meet our parameters. These two avenues help us get essential items to those in need in the most efficient and timely manner.


More details coming soon!

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Feed the Fridge brings nourishment where it is needed most by placing refrigerators around the DC metro area that are filled with meals from local restaurants. The Napkin Network delivers donated formula...

Since 1981, The Northwest Center has served more than 60K+ individuals in the DC area, providing support, and material assistance and connecting mothers and infants with critical resources.

The Family Place strives to promote stability and well-being for immigrant & low-income families in the DC area.

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Check Out Our Nook

Tucked away in the heart of Westfield Montgomery Mall, The Napkin Network Nook, the first physical location of The Napkin Network offers a space filled with essential baby supplies, free of charge to the motherhood community. Stocked with an abundance of free diapers, wipes, and creams, this pop-up space eases the financial burden on struggling mothers, ensuring their little ones' basic needs are met.

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Thank you for your support of pregnant women and families. We are so grateful for this partnership and look forward to continuing to work with you to provide much-needed items to families in need. Thank you for your initiative to serve moms in need." 

Susan Gallucci

Executive Director, The Northwest Pregnancy Center

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