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Help a Mom in Need

Did you know that children use between 5 - 12 diapers, on average, a day for the first three years of their lives? That's an expense of at least $80 a month. In the U.S, one in three families who need diapers, have trouble affording them. This is before the cost of wipes, creams, formula, and other basic items needed to care for their children and often leaves families making the hard choice between diapers, food, or rent.

By donating to The Napkin Network, you aren't only helping a mom, you are changing lives.

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Box of diapers or one can of formula.



Large box of diapers and a six-pack of baby wipes.

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Flex spending for immediate requests.

What Families Get

Motherhood is expensive, and we are here to help. Any amount is appreciated, and will go to providing much needed supplies. 

Ways To Donate


Direct Donation

Your generous donations help families in need by providing essential items. Monetary donations are used to purchase requested supplies and gift cards.

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Write a Check

You can mail your check donation to:

The Napkin Network

9617 Weathered Oak Ct.

Bethesda, MD 20817

Amazon Wishlist

Purchase essential items from The Napkin Networks Amazon Wishlist. These items are requested by and distributed to our partners and mothers in need.

Items We Accept

Donation Drop-Off

If you are in the DC metro area and want to drop things off directly, or are interested in sending items directly to us, please review what we accept and do not accept below.


The Napkin Network

9617 Weathered Oak Ct.

Bethesda, MD 20817

Please leave items on the bench.

Items We Accept

We happily accept the following new and unexpired items:


  • Disposable diapers

    • open packs are fine, please label the outside of the pack with the size and amount​

  • Pull-Ups

    • open packs are fine, please label the outside of the pack with the size and amount​

  • Baby Wipes 

  • Diaper Rash Cream



  • Unexpired and unopened formula

  • Unexpired and unopened baby food and toddler snacks

  • New and unopened bottles and nipples

  • New and unopened pacifiers

  • New breast pumps



  • Toothbrushes/toothpaste for adults and children

  • Lotion for adults and babies

  • Shampoo/conditioner for adults/babies

  • Tampons/Pads

    • open boxes are fine as long as they are individually wrapped​

Used Items

We happily accept the following gently used items.

  • Baby clothes

    • Please label size and gender on bags​

    • Seasonal donations preferred

  • New or like-new complete toys or puzzles

  • Maternity clothes in sizes M, L or XL

  • Small collapsible strollers in good condition

Items We Don't Accept

Unfortunately, we can not accept the following items.

  • Postpartum hospital supplies

  • Used or new baby gear or furniture

    • such as cribs, mattresses, bouncy chairs​

  • Household cleaning supplies

  • Used bottles or feeding supplies


I am writing to share my joy with you. I am from Venezuela and my mom is with me now. What you don't know is that a nephew of my mom had a baby five days ago. They are now a family of five and very poor. The parents don't have many resources - at home, they don't even have a fridge.

How is this story related to you?

I am building a box with the baby clothes [The Napkin Network] gave me that are too small for my own son to send to them. My mom was in tears while I was organizing it. It means so much to be able to help. God bless you and yours for making this possible for my family." 

Printable Donation Receipt

Download a donation receipt for your tax-deductible donations.

Tax Receipt
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